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XChange Forum 2023: Professor Pippa Catterall

Hieronder kan je meer lezen over professor Catterall en haar onderzoek. Wil je alvast een kijkje nemen in het onderzoeksrapport? Dit kan je downloaden onderaan de pagina.


Pippa Catterall is Professor of History and Policy at the University of Westminster and Chair of AIDS Memory UK. She is a trans woman (pronouns she/her) whose extensive publications include her co-authored report on Queering Public Space (2021). Her current research focuses on heritage, representation and inclusion in public space, not least on phase 2 of the queering public space project funded by Arup.

Queering public space

Matthew Carmona in 2018 suggested that there is a need for planning to reflect the ‘diversity of lifestyles, preferences and needs amongst urban populations’. Yet too much public space marginalizes rather than includes. Safety features are often designed more to protect property than people. The attention given in recent years to attempts to create a Frauenstadt in Vienna indicates how far much public space is from being safe or inclusive for women. Meanwhile, questions have been raised about the vitality and inclusivity of gayborhoods and the extent to which they serve to exoticise LGBTQ+ people in public space. Furthermore, Carmona overlooked a key criterion of inclusion in his analysis: can you show affection? A survey in 2018 found that in Denmark half of gay people will not openly hold their partners’ hands in the street. There is a felt need to edit ourselves, not least for fear of assault given the rising tide of hate crimes and phobic language in public discourse. Design and planning interventions cannot, by themselves, entirely change this situation. Nonetheless, they do alter the ambience of places. Through exploring a range of approaches, from lighting and soundscapes to planning regulations, this talk will investigate ways to usualise LGBTQ+ people and to create public spaces in which all of us, in our wonderful diversity, can feel safe and included.

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